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The brew kitchen was started in 2018 with a mission of opening microbreweries, bar and Restaurants in everycorner of India and then globally .

The brew kitchen was successful in starting its 9th restaurant within one year span.The Brew Kitchen specializes and believes in grilled concept of cooking than any other form.TBK also provides varieties of world cuisines.

Mission: - In 2020 The brew kitchen will expand its wings in BAR and Microbreweries .THE BREW KITCHEN is planning to open 4 Microbreweries along with BAR (company operated ) and will expand its restaurant chain via F ranchising through out India .TBK also believes in restaurant for everyone ,therefore made it investment friendly for Investors looking for business opportunities.

Vision: Making presence in global market with multi cuisine specialities maintaining the standard and quality intended in the origin.

USP: As the name states THE BREW KITCHEN will be a sole brand dealing in varients of options which includes multicuisinerestaurants ,bar ,café and microbreweries covering all the varients of F&B option along with investment options for investorswith company operational support (end to end )

About the Founder: Mr. Adarsh Vijayan is a franchise expert, in practice since the year 2011 when he completed his MBA from IndianInstitute of planning and management. F rom there on he went to join the prestigious firm F ranchise India where he received on the job training by the best in the industry.

Mr Vijayan was always curious to create an F&B brand unfolding maximum chapters from the book of food lovers.

Mark Johnson, Chef

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